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Computer Related Links: > Leo Laporte and friends from TechTV (now defunct), CNet, and other gurus from around the net, discuss, thru web-casts, computer hardware, software, Google, Apple products, Android OS, Ham Radio, Internet Law and more! > Product reviews from the SF Bay Area tech melting pot. Also hosts to the ever popular > THE source for the most important apps and utilities for your computer. (As long as you avoid the sponsored ads like the plague) - No, ARO 2012 is NOT a good download for your computer. > Paul Thurott - is a technology reporter, published author, podcaster, and the news editor for Windows IT Pro magazine. > Computer hints and tips (linux and tech oriented) > Server and Desktop Linux distros, (FREE)

Aviation Links > Fantastic weather source with forecasts and radar. > Experimental Aviation Association- for aircraft homebuilders & enthusiasts. > Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association > pilot and medical certification, rulemaking, etc. > Along with, the best two sources for Space news.

Amateur Radio (Ham Radio) Links > Bates County Amatuer Radio Club - Local ham radio organization. > Amateur Radio Relay League (worlds largest ham radio organization) > ULS Login (Universal License System) > Radio, antenna, and equipment reviews and other good information > online, superior study guide for obtaining amateur license.

Flight Simulator Software & Hardware > the latest flight sim from Microsoft - Free to Play! > cross platform flight sim - Mac, PC or Linux - free demo available > Space Flight Simulator with hundreds of free add-ons. > add-on database repository for Orbiter.

Science Fiction Links > SyFy Channel (first fun SF series, movies and wrestling(?)) > official website for the Star Trek franchise > Blog and News release channel for all things sci-fi. > Forums and other info about Star Trek and SF in general. > News, Info and Forums regarding the Stargate Universe.

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